Outside Sensor

Temperature, humidity

Halo Smart IoT - Outside Space Temperature Humidity Sensor

Outdoor sensor weatherproof design ensures resilience against diverse weather conditions, guaranteeing reliable operation outdoors. 

Placing the sensor outdoors provides accurate, real-time data on temperature and humidity, the sensor empowers users to make informed decisions for outdoor activities and environmental adjustments. 

The extended wireless range ensures seamless communication, even at a distance, while the user-friendly design allows easy installation and integration into existing systems.


  • Weatherproof Design Built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging outdoor environments.

  • Accurate Data Monitoring Provides precise and up-to-date readings of temperature and humidity, enabling users to make informed decisions for outdoor activities or environmental adjustments.

  • Extended Wireless Range Equipped with an extended wireless range, allowing for seamless communication with other compatible devices and systems, even when placed at a distance from the central hub.

  • Easy Installation Designed for user-friendly installation, the sensor can be easily mounted in various outdoor locations, providing hassle-free setup and integration into existing monitoring systems.

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