Effortlessly monitor your entire estate

Comprehensive & cost-effective housing estate data and analytics platform that provides insights and alerts necessary to enhance space & maintenance efficiency and tenants’ comfort.

Our cloud-based platform effortlessly consolidates data from Halo Smart IoT devices, and other systems including metering platforms and weather services, delivering powerful insights to direct your team to make well-informed decisions to optimise your Real Estate portfolio operations

The power of data

Transformation of the building’s safety & efficiency

24/7 control
Continuous monitoring allows key data to be analysed and alerted to be acted upon

Organise data and focus on key performance measures

Intelligent driven analysis
Interactive analyses enable you to drill down, roll up, monitor humidity, convert to CO2, cost, and more

Custom reporting
Access the report library or use a dynamic reporting tool to easily build your own reports in-system, or have a report custom-built by our team for you

Multi-site property management

Navigating between different sites is a breeze, taking mere seconds through the intuitive menu, and you can delve into specific devices to access comprehensive historical data.

Compliance monitoring

Identifying and mitigating compliance risks ensures safeguarding your estate portfolio’s successful management. It streamlines the process of identifying and addressing major regulatory risks, offering quick access to resources for swift compliance restoration.

Smart maintenance

Prevent undesired and costly equipment downtime. Use historic data to inform on future property maintenance.