Damp / mould detection & monitoring​

Enjoying a warm home brings a sense of comfort and happiness. Your home should be a sanctuary of well-being, not a source of stress and discomfort, especially when it comes to health-threatening factors like damp and mould

Condition monitoring

Data-driven response before the problems arise

IoT sensors enable early detection of high moisture levels and temperature changes, which are key indicators of potential mould growth. The solution provides accurate data and alerts property managers that where the problem area is developing to take a proactive approach in reducing the risk of dampness and mould.

  • Continuously measure the moisture levels and mould spores in the air
  • Provides real-time data reports and alerts to property managers
  • Ensures the compliance with the regulation on damp and mould in both social and private rented properties in the UK

Risk factors in the living environment

Damp and mould are common issues in residential properties and can have detrimental effects on tenants’ health. In the UK the issue is prevalent in both social and private rented properties. Both mould and damp can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and exacerbate existing health conditions.

It is crucial to have regulations in place to address and mitigate the issue of mould and dampness in both social and private rented properties, as this would ensure that landlords take the necessary steps to prevent and remediate these issues in a timely manner, ultimately providing tenants with a safe and healthy living environment.

Landlord benefits

Proactive estate monitoring to anticipate & prevent issues

Detection & Monitoring

IoT sensors are the key to reducing the need for frequent physical inspections. They continuously collect data on indoor conditions, which is then relayed to our Analytics platform for thorough analysis.

Streamline Property Inspections

In the event of a potential issue, an alert is automatically sent to the property manager that prompts them to schedule a property inspection and maintenance visit.

This process ensures uninterrupted monitoring of indoor conditions without the hassle of frequent physical inspections, providing tenants with a more peaceful living environment. 

Accurate data empowers property managers with the confidence that their tenants reside in a safe space without the constant disruptions of inspections.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

A crucial aspect of managing residential properties is identifying and fulfilling legal obligations towards tenants. In the United Kingdom, a robust regulatory framework is in place to prevent and address concerns such as mould and damp within rented properties.

By law, landlords bear the responsibility of ensuring a secure and habitable living space for their tenants. This includes taking proactive measures to reduce the risk of damp and mould.

Tenant benefits

Elevating health & wellbeing standards of every tenant

Health and Peace of Mind

The presence of state-of-the-art IoT sensors in your property ensures both the monitoring of indoor conditions and the prevention of factors that could worsen health conditions. 

No expense for the tenant

Tenants enjoy peace of mind knowing that our monitoring solution comes at no additional cost to them. This is made possible through the use of battery-operated, wireless hardware, which eliminates the need for tenants to bear any financial burden. 

Respecting tenant privacy

Our solution focuses solely on environmental data collection and property conditions, ensuring there is no invasion of a tenant’s privacy. We prioritise transparency and adhere to stringent data protection protocols, guaranteeing that tenant confidentiality remains intact


A scalable solution, that allows easy expansion of the benefits by adding specialised hardware

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