Leak / Flood Detection

Leak and flood incidents at home can lead to extensive property damage, health risks and financial burdens. Entrust technology to keep an eye on your home’s safety and give you a prompt notification as soon as a leak is detected

Smart solution

Transformation of the residential space safety & efficiency

The strategic installation of smart sensors in high-risk areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms, ensures continuous transmission of data to the Analytics Platform, detecting even the smallest signs of water leakage and promptly notifying the building management team. 

Costly implications

Stay ahead of potential damage

Avoid potentially costly damages resulting from water leaks – structural deterioration, mould growth, and compromised building integrity, leading to extensive repair costs. 

By promptly detecting leaks, landlords can take immediate action to prevent these damages, ensuring the longevity and value of their property. Moreover, early intervention can also prevent potential disruptions to tenants’ lives and minimise the need for extensive and expensive repairs, ultimately saving both time and money for all parties involved.

Landlord benefits

Proactive estate monitoring to anticipate & prevent issues

Early Detection of Water Leaks

Leak detection sensors can identify water leaks at their early stages, allowing landlords to address the issue promptly before it escalates into a major problem. Early detection helps prevent extensive water damage, structural issues, and potential health hazards for tenants.

Property Protection

By installing leak detection sensors, landlords can protect their property from costly water damage repairs. Timely identification and mitigation of leaks can prevent long-term structural damage, mould growth, and other issues that may compromise the integrity of the property.

Tenant benefits

Mitigate any potential damage & ensure the safety of the property

Tenant Satisfaction

Proactive measures taken by the landlord ensures a safe and well-maintained living environment. This can lead to longer tenancies and positive reviews, attracting more potential tenants in the future.

Added Layer of Security

Tenants can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home is equipped with advanced technology that can detect and address water leaks swiftly. This proactive approach minimises the risk of unexpected and potentially disruptive water-related emergencies.


A scalable solution, that allows easy expansion of the benefits by adding specialised hardware

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