Synergy of advanced hardware and data analytics, offering our customers to gain the ability to improve occupant wellbeing, optimise energy usage, reduce stock waste and effortlessly adhere to government compliance regulations

IoT solution powering safe, secure and efficient
environment in every home and commercial space

Halo Smart IoT specialises in IoT solutions tailored to address housing and commercial environment problems. A seamless fusion of sleek, wireless hardware and a real-time monitoring and analytics platform ensures that your real estate portfolio delivers a safe, secure and efficient space.

The diverse product range at Halo Smart IoT features cutting-edge sensors, meters, and control devices, while a cloud-based Analytics platform transforms collected data into user-friendly reports and promptly alerts landlords about emerging issues. 

Halo Smart IoT systems align with the Intelligent Energy Solution (IES) standards, establishing them as a pivotal component of local authority Innovative Housing Programmes (IHP).

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