Optical Electricity Meter Reader Module

with optical reader head

Halo Smart IoT - Optical Magnetic Pulse Gas Water Meter Reader Module

This device comes complete with probes to attach to your existing mechanical or electronic power meter, using either detection of the pulsing LED or the black strip (mechanical meters) to count power consumption from the meter in kWH.

The Optical Electricity Meter Reader Module provides a cost effective solution helping you get a better understanding of your energy consumption detected by your electricity meter. The device attaches to your existing mechanical or electronic power meter which will then measure consumption data. In case of any internet connection problems, the module can store consumption data for up to 3 months and this information will be uploaded when the internet connection is restored.


  • Dual Functionality Equipped with optical and magnetic sensors, this module accurately captures gas and water consumption data, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of both utilities.

  • Effortless Installation The device includes probes that easily attach to existing gas or water meters, facilitating a hassle-free setup process without the need for complex modifications.

  • Multiple Reading Options Offers reading options including magnetic detection and direct volt-free contacts, allowing users to choose the most suitable method for precise consumption counting in liters.

  • Versatile Compatibility Compatible with various types of gas and water meters, ensuring adaptability to different utility infrastructures, making it an ideal solution for diverse residential and commercial environments.

  • Accurate Data Capture Provides reliable and accurate data capture, facilitating precise monitoring and analysis of gas and water consumption patterns, allowing for efficient resource management and cost savings.

  • Secure Data Transmission Ensures secure transmission of consumption data, enabling users to access real-time and historical usage information for effective monitoring and management of gas and water resources.

  • Robust Build Quality Constructed with durable materials, the module is designed for long-term use, even in demanding operational environments, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance for extended periods.

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