Air Quality Sensor

CO2, temperature, humidity & TVOC with alarm

Halo Smart IoT - CO2 Temperature Humidity TVOC Sensor Alarm
An air quality and wellbeing detector used to monitor CO2 concentration in office, academic and residential environments. It can also measure occupancy levels with CO2 and provide data for mould and damp mitigation analytics


  • Detects and monitors CO2 concentration in various environments such as offices, academic institutions, and residences
  • Capable of measuring CO2 concentrations ranging from 0 to 5000ppm or 0-2000ppm 
  • Measures occupancy levels based on CO2 concentration
  • Provides data analytics to mitigate mould and damp conditions
  • Powered by 230VAC
  • Monitors indoor temperature and relative humidity levels
  • Compatible with other Halo Smart IoT technologies
  • Suitable for monitoring CO2 concentrations in industrial, agricultural, and residential environments

Essential information & requirements

Technical documentation