Case study

Smart IoT Solution for Fridge / Freezer Monitoring

20 October 2023

Halo Smart IoT - IoT Gateway

Implement monitoring solutions to prevent the loss of over £26,000 worth of stock due to temperature deviations in their fridges

One of the Sewell Petrol Stations had recently lost over £26,000 of stock from its fridges due to the temperatures rising above the levels for safe food storage due to a fault with the fridge. Fridge and freezer monitoring is an essential part of refrigeration systems. It helps to maintain the temperature of the fridge or freezer, prevent food spoilage, and avoid other issues such as flooding.

In response to the issue, Halo Smart IoT provided a comprehensive monitoring solution. They equipped all 13 petrol stations with Halo Smart IoT Fridge and Freezer monitors, connected to their IoT app via Halo Smart IoT Gateways.

Halo Smart IoT Fridge/Freezer Sensors are used to monitor fridges and freezers, providing real-time temperature readings and alerts when temperatures exceed certain thresholds. Temperature alarms can be set to alert users when temperatures rise too high or drop too low. Additionally, our flood control systems can be installed in fridges and freezers to detect any leaks or water damage that may occur. Keeping a precise fridge temperature can be invaluable for a range of uses. Alarm system can be used to signal the temperatures dropping too low and posing a risk to the biological material inside.

By monitoring fridges and freezers with Halo Smart IoT devices, businesses can ensure that their products are stored at optimal temperatures for maximum freshness and safety. This helps them save money on energy costs while also providing customers with quality products every time.

Additionally, they adopted Halo Smart IoT Plugs to optimise electricity usage and reduce their carbon footprint. These plugs are now used to set timers on all electrical equipment in the stores – so that they can be switched off completely when they aren’t being used. This is now saving on the electricity usage and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

This success story showcases the benefits of IoT monitoring and control in the retail industry.