Case study

Enhancing Classroom Safety: CO2 Monitoring in North West England Schools

20 October 2023

Halo Smart IoT - CO2, Temperature, Humidity and TVOC Sensor with Alarm (230VAC)

The presence of high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in school classrooms has been linked to various adverse effects on students, such as headaches, fatigue, and difficulties concentrating, ultimately impacting their academic performance

A group of 12 schools in North West England implemented Halo Smart IoT CO2, temperature, and humidity sensors with displays, in all their classrooms. These sensors are connected to the Halo Smart IoT Gateway, which updates the Analytics Platform with real-time readings and alerts. The schools can now monitor CO2 levels and room temperatures, ensuring proper ventilation and maintaining an optimal learning environment. 

The system not only provides visible displays within the classrooms but also sends alerts to the platform, enabling timely interventions to prevent CO2 levels from reaching harmful concentrations. The schools can save on energy costs by efficiently controlling classroom temperatures throughout the year. 

The Halo Smart Gateway can seamlessly connect up to 32 devices, making it suitable for larger buildings that require multiple sensors. This comprehensive solution allows for effective monitoring and control of classroom environments to ensure the well-being and academic performance of students.