Dedicated Commitment
to Net Zero Initiatives

November 1, 2023
Net Zero Conference

Halo Smart IoT, a leading provider of Smart Housing solutions, will be exhibiting at the Net Zero Nations Project Conference on 15th November 2023 in London.

As a Silver Partner of the conference, Halo Smart IoT aims to showcase its cutting-edge technology and solutions to housing associations and council housing providers, highlighting the importance of healthier living environments through advanced monitoring capabilities.

Halo Smart IoT’s advanced housing IoT sensors coupled with analytics platform offer real-time insights into property performance and conditions, enabling housing associations to proactively address health and wellbeing concerns. The data empowers housing associations to make informed decisions, implement necessary interventions, and create healthier living spaces for their tenants.



About the event

The Net Zero Nations Project Conference is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives, making it the ideal platform for Halo Smart IoT to present its state-of-the-art sensors and IoT technology. With a focus on estate monitoring and achieving net-zero emissions, the conference will attract industry professionals and decision-makers seeking innovative solutions for the housing sector.


Join us at the Net Zero Nations Projects Conference on the 15th of November at One Great George Street, Westminister, London