for Healthier Secure Living

Delivering monitoring solution & valuable insights into portfolio performance, promptly alerting property managers to any emerging health risk factors

Proactive estate monitoring to anticipate & prevent issues

Empowering residential property managers to provide healthier environments

Real-time Monitoring

Track property conditions 24/7 with IoT sensors. Receive instant alerts for issues like temperature changes or unauthorised access.

Stay Compliant

Generate reports to meet local regulations and standards. Track key performance indicators for optimal property management.

Proactive Mitigation

Detect humidity and mould early. Monitor energy use to support tenants at risk of fuel poverty. Get detailed intervention reports.

Installer Assistance

Benefit from free training programmes and ongoing technical support. Ensure smooth installation and optimal performance of IoT hardware.

Quick Setup

Install IoT hardware rapidly with our plug-and-play systems. Modular design allows for easy additions and replacements.

Secure Hardware

Our IoT devices are built to resist tampering and withstand environmental challenges, ensuring reliable and secure data collection.

Tenant benefits

Enhancing the health and wellbeing standards of every tenant

Smart IoT solution that doesn’t interfere with tenants’ day-to-day life, but ensures that the living space is monitored 24/7 for optimal occupants’ health and wellbeing:

  • No operation cost to the tenant
  • No invasion of tenants’ privacy
  • Minimal inconvenience due to rapid installation time
  • Aesthetic IoT hardware design, without unattractive cabling

A scalable solution, that allows easy expansion
of the benefits by adding specialised hardware

Data & analytics platform

24/7 estate monitoring, insights, compliance & performance

Our proactive approach involves constant monitoring of the residences, immediate alerts to estate management regarding any changes in conditions, access to live and historical compliance and performance reports through our Analytics platform, and addressing any developing issues within the property before they pose a severe threat to the health and well-being of residents.

  • Compliance and performance benchmarking
  • Comprehensive Estate Management
  • Smart maintenance

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